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Hi there!

Just want to wish you a very merry Christmas and share the beautiful cards I've received on Pros fandom cards 2018.

Aren't they wonderful?

Thank you so much Bette, byslantedlight, loxleyprince, macklingirl, mella68, merentha13 and dear lady who sent me that card with pros-y pics inside (terribly sorry I didn't catch your name). You made my Christmas!

Oh, and I have also the story from byslantedlight, I'm looking forward to read it tonight =) The bookmark from macklingirl is very appreciated. There is no such thing as too much bookmarks and the Pros bookmark is a real treasure! And amazing fridge magnet from loxleyprince is on my fridge already =)

Hope that my cards have arrived as well or at least will arrive very soon.

Love you,

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Sorry it took me so long but THANK YOU for all beautiful Pros Christmas cards I received!
And for the book and the calendar too =)
I'm totally in love with the people in this fandom.

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Sad news about Minori.
I even don't know what to say. The only thing I can think is how terribly unfair it is.
I will miss her.

One of her lovely works in remembrance.

Martin Shaw - 70. Day 70

This one I started in October when I saw this dreamy Doyle on my tumblr list. Yesterday I saw him there again so I decided - it's a sign, I have to finish it at last. So I did. It's a ball pen drawing.

It seemed almost impossible in January but now it's done. I've finished my MS 70 project and I don't want to take a pencil for the rest of my life! Of course not =) I want to draw again as soon as I can.
And I want to wish everyone all the best in the coming year.
Happy New year!